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First Some Awards ;

From the May 19th 2012 Redlands Optimist Car Show and Chili cook off!!

First Place Peoples Choice, 1St Chili, 1St Chili Verde  First Place Awards   Q-Works Chili Booth 2012  The Q Boss 

First Place Peoples Choice, Chili, and Chili Verde. The Booth. click on photos for large version.

Other Photographs from various events;

Makes you hungry, doesn't it?  Looking good!  ribs ready to cook  Bbq pineapple beef ribs  smokey beef ribs  Colorado Sunset by Dave Crow 2012-10-13_grill.jpg (211965 bytes) 2012-10-13_grill-2.jpg (142604 bytes) A-good-start-bbq-web.jpg (350260 bytes) _Optimist-Chili-Cook-Off-31- 2014 Cookoff-awards-2014



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